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Mahmoud-abad Summer Resort - Caspian Coast, Iran, 1972
The National Iranian Oil Company had a small summer camp for its employees on the shore of the Caspian Sea at Mahmoud-Abad. The oil fields being in the south of Iran where the temperature becomes unbearable during the summer months, the camp was an ideal refuge and rest place. The Caspian shore is isolated by the Alborz mountain range from the rest of the country and is delightful with its soft air, ample rainfall and green environment.

Oil being the dominant industry in Iran, the prosperous company decided to extend its facilities to 6,000 beds and also to provide camp facilities for the children of oil workers. The project went to competition and we won the commission.

The linear facade was broken down angularly to increase the length of th linear structure and also to create vertical edges to the sea and sky, thus dramatizing the monotonous shore line. We programmed the project into nine units, making three independent complexes with support facilities. The Pyramid-like buildings gradually de-elevated to ground level in order to duplicate mountains and diversify the visual comprehension of the complex.

This project is partially built.