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Shushtar New Town (Housing) - Khozestan IRAN (1974-80)

This is a town for workers and employees of the Karoun agro-industry located across the river from the historic town of Shushtar. The major design feature is a multi-faceted central east-west pedestrian boulevard. This consists of many gardens, paved squares, covered and shaded resting places, arcades, bazaars, fountains, and occasional use of Persian mosaic tile work.

The neighborhoods are designed to encourage movement in the direction of this pedestrian boulevard. Major public activities, such as schools, bazaars, and a variety of community affairs occur along this spine, enhancing its prominence.

The streets were designed not primarily for a corridor like function, but to generate and maintain a life of their own. The automobile is segregated from internal community life and all parking areas are concentrated collectively at strategic points. We have to add that this is a partially built project and in post revolution era has been grossly neglected and partially destroyed.

This project is the winner of the Agakhan Award for Architecture and exhibited extensively in the west.